My Passport Essential 500 GB | No Writable SmartWare Partition Found | Pls Need HELP

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I will explain my Problem in following points:-

  • am using "WD My Passport Essential 500 GB " Since SEP-2010.
  • i have password in “VCD”
  • When i entering the password then “MyPassport Hard Drive” Will appear.
  • i used my “WD Passport Essential” in my Laptop at Home & in my PC at Office.
  • Before 2 Days i have connected “WD Passport Essential” in PC at office.
  • i Unlocked, then When i Browsing my files the Device was Hang-up (FREEZE).
  • i removed the USB cable from PC then i connected again.
  • again i Unlocked, the am to able to open "WD My Passport: Drive…
  • Drive is appear in my Computer, But the size is 0 (Zirro).
  • When am trying to open the drive… Error message “No Writable SmartWare Partition Found”

  • Also This message " The Disk in Drive “P” is Not Formated… Do You Want To Format Now ?"

  • i have Very Important DATA saved in " WD Passport Essential " Drive. i don’t want to loss it.
  • i want your Kind Support… How can i solve this Problem Without Losing my DATA ?1

Pleas Help My

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M. H. Kambal



In another thread, someone had the same problem and same error message with a WD desktop drive. The cause was a defective power supply (the AC adapter), and when he used a different AC adapter the drive was accessible.

WIth a My Passport drive there’s no separate power supply, but it could be that the issue is with the enclosure or controller, and the drive inside may still be okay.

Dear Tessalon …

Appreciate your kind replaing… would you pls explain in more details the steps for how to fix this issue!!

I hv seen the post for same problem for MAC… but am using Windows XP.


If it is a failed component in the enclosure, you cannot fix it yourself. You should contact WD Support if it is under warranty. Even if not under warranty, contact them to ask what the cause could be. If it is a failed enclosure and not under warranty, it may be possible to remove the drive from the enclosure and connect to a raw drive interface or place in another enclosure, to salvage your data.

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