My Passport Essential 320gb USB3.0 dead without even using it?

Ok, I was basically wondering if anyone could suggest anything before I take this thing back to the shop.

I’ve got myself a 320gb WD Passport drive for both my Windows 7 machines to conveniently share data across them.

The drive came with all the regular software and drivers on it, I’ve installed the SES driver, backed up the retail drive contents to my computer’s hdd and proceeded with formatting the drive to NTFS using windows means giving it the same volume label, put everything back on there  as well as adding my personal data onto it. 

Next morning the drive refused to be picked up by both of my PCs, the light won’t come up, however I can feel the drive spinning. I’e tried using a micro usb cable form my nokia phone to check if it was the faulty cable but it’s a no go.

The drive is not seen by PC in any way, it’s only getting power from the usb port and seems like data pins are doing nothing since there’s no don-donk sound when i plug it in and safely remove hardware won’t pop either 

What can be done? 

Thanks in advance.

What are you seeing in device manager and disk management?