My Passport Essential 1TB - is there a connectivity solution coming?!?!?

I got the Essential 1TB for Christmas. I was very excited! I hooked it up, started the backup process, walked away…everything was great…then I try to use the HD at work and the problems began.

  1. the mini-USB cable is very loose so if you so much as lightly touch the hard drive or cable, it will loose connection with the computer (very frustrating when you are in the middle of a large data transfer).

This did not make for a useable portable hard drive. I refuse to tape or superglue the cord to the hard drive. I really need a 1 TB portable (reliable) hard drive, but this one wouldn’t do the trick. I have found many reviews online stating the same problem.

I took the hard drive back to Best Buy today and got my money back. I was ready to buy a different brand, but none of them compare in physical size or HD capacity.

So my question is, "Is Western Digital addressing this issue and when will a new version be available to purchase?"

I’ve been a WD customer for years and I can’t believe that a product with this obvious defect made it to market.

I totally agree–

Have a 500gb version but the cable is so loose the connection is lost all the time-- and it’s very difficult to use in a moving train, plane, bus, et cetera because just the vibrations knock it loose.

I’d welcome a return / refund or a fix with some sort of plastic “hat” or something.  I’ve even considered superglue.


I had the same problem

just click the link below to contact the WDC support, they will send you a replacement cable for free

WDC Support

hope it will be useful :slight_smile:

Umm. Don’t waste time contacting support. Western Digital has ignored this problem with their external drives for nearly two years.

Just search these boards for “loose cable.” Cables are shoddy and the replacements are no different. My first WD drive has a proprietary cable that’s only made by WD. It’s been out of stock now for well over a year so my drive is unusable. ( to see “out of stock” cable).