My Passport Essencial without drivers

Hi everybody, 

I have 1TB My Passport Essential and I didn’t have any problem usinsg it at home (in my own PC), but the thing is at my work’s PC because my user/login doesn’t have permission as Administrator so the external hard drive is not able to install the drivers.  The question is:  How can I do for using it without installing any drivers ??  A friend of mine has another brand external drive and it doesn’t install any drivers and he is able to use it.


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Thanks in advance.

I don’t mean to be blunt but If the drivers can’t be installed then Windows will not know what is it that was connected to the computer and won’t let you use it…

Are you able to take the drive back to the store? The Elements Portable uses generic Windows drivers so it should work better if you’re restricted on permissions…

If your drive is _ NOT _ password protected, then you can use it without installing the SES driver, but there’s nothing you can do (aside from installing the SES driver) to stop it from trying to install the driver every time you attach it.

"Your new Western Digital My Passport/My Book hard drive requires a special communications channel (SCSI) between your PC and the drive to enable certain features such as password protection, LED control, and access to the drives label if applicable.

At install, the Windows operating system detects this SCSI communications channel and attempts to install a SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) driver. This driver is only used by your hard drive and is installed by default when you first attach the drive to a computer.

However if you did not install the driver upon first install and chose not to install WD Smartware, Windows will continue to prompt you to install the driver each time you connect the drive to a computer. This will continue to occur unless the SES driver is installed."


“Western Digital still recommends installing the SES driver when not using WD SmartWare, but the drive will function without it.”


True, but that applies to the SES drivers alone. If   Coco_2011 means by drivers the SES drivers then the drive should be able to be used. But if   Coco_2011 means the core USB drivers (The generic drivers) then there’s not much to do.

My Essential SE can’t be used at work because of this as the drive is listed as Unknown on both Device Manager and Disk Management, so I can’t use it at all.

Gotcha… didn’t mean to butt in. :dizzy_face:

I don’t really recall a generic USB driver installing the first time I connected a WD drive, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen… it was several years ago, after all.

I wish I was that lucky, RG u_u

thanks to everybody for the answers.

I will try it without Password Protection and let you know.

thanks again.