My Passport (erased)

I have a MyPassport (1TB) that I put on my macbook, and wanted to erase everything on it.  Not being the technologically savvy guy, I erased it, but now it won’t show up on my computer.  The virtual CD DOES show up, but not the icon for the actual hard drive.  When I open up the Virtual CD, it only shows the harddrive and data for it of my MacBook Internal Hard Drive - as if the External Terabyte MyPassport doesn’t exist!  I don’t know if it is locked, or if it is hiding, but I’m hoping someone here can enlighten me.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!  I really hope I didn’t make a mistake when I chose to erase the data on the drive.

You may need to re-create a partition so the drive will shows up.

Here is how to do that:

Go to Disk Utility

Select the WD My Passport drive

Click on the “Partition”

From the “Volume Scheme” select 1 partition.

Click on “Options” Select Apple Partition Map, press OK.

Click “Apply” to execute it.

After that your drive should show up.

Thank you so much!  Worked like a charm!