My Passport Elite will not back my computer up

I recently purchase a Passport  Elite. I finally made time this week to back up my pc at home. However, the Elite would not back up the pc. After many attempts of restarting my computer it finally started backing up one file then two and then it stop. It kept saying PENDING so I left it for a day. I came back it was still saying pending.

I thought maybe my files were too large so I change the system from FAT 32 to NTFS only to realize that the drive is now blank. I downloaded the WD Back Up and WD Sync ONLY to realize that it still will not back up my computer but it will sync my files. I bought the drive to be used as a USB where I could drag and drop files and I can’t even do that. I need some help PLEASE

And yes I downloaded the WD back up like 4 times and unzipped it but it will not work!!!