My Passport Elite Problem

Just bought  500 gb ultra portable hardrive and when I inserted into the usb port, it crashed my laptop.   Cannot access windows at all.  All I get are the options, safe mode, normal, etc but pressing all only brings up the blue screen of death.

There is nothing on the box or inside that states any minimum specification to use this. the laptop is a IBM T41.

Any ideas anyone please.  this is urgent as I work for myself and have a lot files that I cannot afford to loose.

I had same problem. Easy fix, probably. Uninstall any Sonic or Roxio software. Those CD/DVD burners are not compatible with SmartWare and/or My Passport. If you have Windows XP or better, you can burn CDs without added software. If you want to burn DVDs you do need software. WD recommends Nero.

I got this info from the WD tech support line. You have 30 days free install support, give them a call if this doesn’t fix your BSOD.