My Passport Elite 500MB hard drive will not read

I just recently got a new computer and updated to windows 7.  After installing all of the necessary drivers for my hard drive, things started to work well with my passport was working well.  The other day I tried to unplug the hard ware the correct way and it would not stop it. By the end of the day, I just turned my computer off, forgetting that the hard drive was still attached. After that I have not been able to access any of my files and windows wants me to format the drive. Does this mean it will erase everything? Is there anything else I can do to see if I can fix the errors on my drive? 

Please help!

I tried running the western digital data lifeguard and it told me too many bad sectors detected…

Too bad, this means you’ll need to replace the drive. You can try recovering the files with a Data Recovery software but the drive will need replacement. 

Contact  WD or go to their  website to replace the drive.