My Passport Edge for Mac used on PC


So I’ve been looking at the My Passport Edge for some time. As far as I’ve been able to find the only difference between My Passport Edge for Mac and the version for PC is the material (plastic-ish for PC and some metal for Mac), the backup-software and the format (FAT32 for Mac and NTFS for PC).

I like the metal look on the Mac version a lot more than the plastic look on the PC version, so I was thinking: is it possible to but the My Passport Edge for Mac, reformat it to NTFS and then download the backup software for PC from WD-homepage?

Thanks in advance


The “My Passport Edge” for Mac does not include WD Smartware backup software, this means you will not be able to use Smartware with this drive unless you purchase the Pro version.

You may format the drive for Windows, download the WD Smartware and then upgrade it to the Pro version.

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