My Passport drive too full


My Passport has stopped backing up because it says it is too full. The Passport drive is 6 times as large as the drive it is backing up. Why is it filling up? How do I stop it from filling up? How do I clear space so it can start backing up again?


It depends somewhat on what method/program/app you’re using for the backup.

Most commonly though backup software can keep multiple versions of a given file (so in case of corruption or error an earlier one can be retrieved), and also backup software should never delete files from the backup even if they are removed from the source drive (that being the main difference between backup and sync, so you can always go back and retrieve files which may have been removed in error or maliciously).

How you can recover will depend on how it’s been filled as described above, but in many cases you can just access the drive directly and remove files. However the first place to check is whatever backup software you are using, as that should keep a record log of what it’s backed up and also should offer a route to maintaining its archive.


I’m using WD Backup, I don’t see how to do what you’re saying within that software.


There unfortunately I can’t help (I use WDSmartware to my NAS box).

But the simplest would be to just browse the drive in Windows explorer to see what is filling it up, and maybe prune out any obvious unwanted space hogs.