My Passport drive not showing up and slows down computer after unlocking


I have been using My Passport 1TB for almost a year now with no problem until recently when I connect the drive to my computer, the usual unlock window will appear but after that main drive does not show up (the device lits up and no beeping or clicking sound can be heard from the device), moreover it significantly slows down my computer’s performance. Note that I don’t have WD Smartware installed in my system and only after unplugging My Passport will my computer go back to it’s normal performance. I have tried plugging it on other computers but the same thing happens. Please help. Many thanks!



I recommend that you run a diagnostic on your drive using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool. Please run a quick test and then an extended test. If there is any issues with the drive it will come up with an error code. You may find the error codes on the link below.

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Thanks, this is very helpful. My hard drive is basically dead. You think this may be due to a virus? I mean I have been able to use it just a few days before then suddenly just like that all my data is gone.