My Passport drive 1 tb only displaying 60gb maximum

I came to class today, used my drive for my first 2 hour class, and it was working perfectly, went upstairs to my next class and as soon as I plugged it in it said 0 bytes of 60 gb available. I went back down to the computer I used prior and it still isn’t right. I have no idea what could’ve caused this, I just bought the drive 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t even used 100gb of it yet… I can still copy objects FROM the hdd, but I cannot add or delete anything. I am currently copying important files from the hdd, then I will try a format, if that doesn’t fix it, I am totally lost.

I have completed the format and experienced some rather strange behavior from the drive. Upon completion of the format, it showed the proper 931gb free of 931, then when I pulled out the drive and plugged it back in it was back to 60GB. Another format, it was normal again, I then ejected the hdd with 'Safely remove…blah blah blah…". When I plugged it back in it was still normal, then I removed it a few more times without ejecting it and it stayed normal… I have never heard of a problem like this before… Like ever…

It seems like that has fixed it… but this behavior leads me to beleive that there could be some sort of error with the drive…

*P.S. I never use safely remove device for any device I have ever owned. My first USB headset had all of its firmware and drivers wiped out by using this utility, and ever since then I had refused to use it. But I can honestly say that I have NEVER had myself, or seen somebody in person that has had a component go bad from not using ‘Safely remove…’

I’d still like some comments as to what could be causing this… In case it happens again, I’d rather not have to copy everything from the drive and format then copy it all back… Thanks.


In the past 20 minutes, I have not been able to re create the behavior since I used the Safely remove hardware function. I still have a few more things to test, but hopefully I don’t recreate the issue.