My Passport don't work on DVD player (USB)

I have Passport Essential  250G . I have only music on it (flac and mp3). I have bought Hyndai DVD player with USB.  I can watch movie and listen music from 2G flash, but WD 250G don’t works. I restore it to factory FAT32 but it doesn’t help. Is it possible to make it works?

FAT32 is very common use for Audio Video play back devices. I do not know why your device is not see it.

You should check the DVD player user manual to see if it support any thing bigger than 4GB.

Many hightech manufactures are very limited of the disk drive they want you to use with their device.

Try contact your DVD player support  for more advice.

Dear all,

i have exactly the same problem with my WD passport 320 GB.  My philips DVD player does not recoganise it, although my friend has the same DVD player & a TRANSCENT 320 GB harddisk which is perfectly played by DVD player.

Someone please help, what should i do.

The limit for FAT 32 is 32GB, hence anything larger,wont be formatted or usable. All DVD players will only support FAT 32.

If they wanted to use something else such as NTFS, FAT64, etc.  they would have to pay Microsoft a royalty fee.

Because Microsoft holds Patents for these formats.

Firstly, kimhauer - the partition size limit for FAT32 is 2TiB not 32GB as you say, and secondly, windows can and will be able to access a FAT32 disk of  this size. My ‘old’ WD elements 1TB drive was FAT32 and worked perfectly.

My Issue is similar to the OP’s - I have a MyBook Essential 1TB which never worked with my pioneer DVD player (the above mentioned WD elements drive worked fine).

Reading a few things from here I have tried:

  • Removing the VCD drive

  • Formatting to FAT32 using Acronis

If anyone has any other ideas for what I should try next, before returning the drive as faulty, that would be greatly appreciated.


did your old drive have the smartware feature? i guess the new one has. i assume the hidden partition on the drive as the possible error source.


I have exactly the same problem. i bought a WD My Passport essential and ive loaded all my Movies on to play on my dvd player. I have and older version of My Passport and it works fine with my dvd player so i know it will work but for some reason my new one wont.  it conects and comes up on my tv but i cant click on anything. does anyone know what i can do ??

I recently bought new WD Elements 320GB as an addition to my WD Passport Essential 500GB. However, I am surprised to see that my new WD Elements failed to be recognised by my DVD Player when I connect it through the USB dock. The weird thing is, my WD Passport Essential could be recognised and I have been playing movies and songs directly from WD Passport through DVD Player without problems at all. I thought by buying the same brand I should be able to play WD Elements on the same DVD Player as well.

Could anyone explain this situation? I have been searching online for ages to understand about the exact specifications I should be looking for to ensure external hard drives could be recognised by the DVD Player. I guess I was very lucky to buy WD Passport Essential the first time!

I did the same thing Buying WD becuase it worked before With no help from phone call (guy said reformat to fat32 and it will work I said old one was ntfs and it worked He replied that was just lucky) Any way The guy at dicksmiths said to buy wd media tv thing 59.00 I plug it straight into tv and passport into it and touch wood its working fine. he said no harddrives will play on dvd players anymore they have been changed???