My Passport doesnt mount after being unplugged


To start with I have a mac book pro.

I bought the My Passport about a year ago and its worked OK until yesterday.

It got unplugged without being unmounted first and since I cant mount it.

When plugged in I can see the “WD unlocker” mapped, and I get asked for the password but then nothing happens.

The led is blinking for ages (5+ minutes I’ve waited) 

If I open WD Smartware it shows the drive, with serial number and all but then nothing.

I have started the “Quick Self-test” and it gets stuck on 90%.

I have about a years worth of Time machine backups on there which I really need.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I removed my password and it mounts every time without fail.

If I need a password, I just make archives or folder passwords.

Are you able to unlock the drive?

If so,  go to disk utility and test with First Aid