My passport doesn't acccept a file

WDBACx0010bBK-01 model no

hello, I have 1TB WD my passport essential 0740 portable hard disk and a friend of mine deleted the software package installed in the hard disk originally (WD smartware.exe) while scanning by avast anti-virus then when I try to access the hard disk a sign came up I need to format to use it, i formatted it and scan and fix bad sectors. Ever since then my hard disk is so slow to appear and whenever I copy a file to the hard disk it says “the system can’t find the file specified”. so any ideas !

Reformatting is not related to the performance

test the drive with chkdsk or other utility

try on a different computer

Tested the drive still there is no change.the hard disk still doesn’t accept any file of anykind and it still says the system can’t find the specified file whenever anyfile send into it.