My passport does not work



I have WD1200U017 external hard but unfortunately i don’t know why when I plug it, it doesn’t work ! when i click on computer (right click) and click on manage in DISK manager it recognize my disk but says maybe it is larger than 2TB while it is just 120gb :frowning: please help me ! my projects are in there


Please state exact model number of your drive. If you can give us OS info and other PC specs, that will be great.  


I’ve wrote the exact version and model WD1200U017-001 my OS is Windows 7 also I have Windows XP service pack 1 on my other desktop but both cannot detect my WD Passport

I have to mention my passport belongs to 3 or 4 years ago (2007)

those recovery software can detect my passport also but they say it is 0b nothing in there and unreadable :frowning: same as device manager ! It says that this is just a USB Device

thanks for ur attention


I think your drive is not working properly. Download WD DLG software from here and test your drive.

If it reports any errors; your drive needs replacement.