My Passport does not Backup "Empty Folders"


When I use the standard backup software supplied within My Passport out-of-box (WD Backup), my “Empty Folders” will not backup alongside my other files.

I found a WD article that suggested the “Empty Folders” do not backup by design, after much searching.

This external drive was purchased to do this very thing as my work has a “file directory” made entirely of “Empty Folders” for future projects.

I am disappointed that there is no “button” or “switch” to enable/disable this function.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thank you,

*What I am really looking for is an “external hard-drive” version of Google Drive or Dropbox that will backup every hour as I work, making an image of what is on my PC. I fear this is not possible with WD My Passport.

Hi Jeremiah,

Is it feasible to add a single empty file to the empty folders?


I have had an issue like this in the past; I believe it is a “Windows issue”. My solution is to place a file in an empty folder named Do not delete with Notepad text file in it with same words. Problem solved.

Thank you Clifford never Mike for responses, I have some “keeper” text files to save the folder, but with the 100’s of files it is very annoying to keep and remove when nesseaarry.

Maybe there is another option?


Huh? “never Mike” ??

Sorry Mike! Type *thank you Clifford and Mike…