My Passport Does Not Back Up All Files

A month ago, I asked for help as My Passport wasn’t reviewing all my computer’s files to see that there are new files that needed to be backed up.  At that time, I mentioned that I had :

HDKnows (WD Staff) suggested I follow the instructions at the following link:

I did that, and it worked.

HOWEVER, now I’m trying to do another of my periodic category back-ups, and I’m facing the original problem again.  (That is, there are new files to be backed up, but My Passport doesn’t seem to recognize this.)  I understand that MANY others have this same problem.  

Is WD going to provide a PERMANENT solution to this problem, or not?


if they are going to then no one here knows as WD doesn’t publish update plans. At this point dude I’d move on from Smartware. Even the Windows Backup on the control panel is more stable and functional.