My Passport DLNA problem

Hi! I just bought a My Passport 2tb for use to store and share media files from my Windows 10 PC to my Panasonic blu-ray recorder. However, the DLNA function on the recorder says ‘Can’t connect to the server’ when I try to browse folders. My old WD My Book 1TB has performed this function flawlessly for years. Both are formatted using NTFS. Media streaming is turned on in Windows, and the panasonic is detected. I can see videos that are on the internal HDD of my PC, just not anything in the My Passport shared folder.

Is the problem with the My Passport, or maybe the file system combined with the extra capacity? Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

Sorted it out.I hadn’t added the shared folder on the new drive into the Windows Media Player library. I don’t remember doing that for the old drive, but must have as it is still listed! Maybe this can help someone else missing the same step.

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