My Passport disconnects from Xbox One when transferring data or playing game

I just bought a 4tb My Passport (WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN) back in October. It is connected to my Xbox One. While playing games such as GTA5 online, Battlefield 1, and Star Wars Battlefront I can play for about 20 mins- 1 hour and then the drive will disconnect and force the Xbox to the homescreen. I have moved GTA5 and Battlefield 1 back to the internal drive and the force close issue stops. I have noticed that while transferring these game back to the internal drive the external My passport will disconnect after about 10 gigs transferred, forcing me to unplug and replug the drive back into the Xbox. This process usually had to be done about 3 times before the games finished transferring. I have searched for fixes to this issue to no avail. A video on YouTube suggested that the power draw maybe more than USB3.0 can supply (900mA) and recommended using a USB Y-splitter to get the necessary power required. I have bought one and I am waiting for it to be delivered. I just want to get some other recommendations/feedback.

This leads me to 2 questions.

  1. Does anybody know a solution to this?
  2. What is the required power supply for this drive (WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN)? Can’t find specs anywhere for it.


Have you already received the Y cable?
Also, I’d recommend you format the drive on a PC and then connect it back to the XBOX so that the console can format it again.
I don’t believe this is a power issue, but more of a cable issue.