My Passport Dashboard

I’m trying to find a solution to a problem and hope someone can help??
I recently crashed my HD and had to buy a new computer. When I went to restore from my WD I can’t find a way to get a dashboard for my WD. I can’t do a restore and I’m assuming that if I could get a dash board, I could do the recovery process. I’ve check and the My Passport has 1.1GB of data on it, so it appears all my info is on it. Everything I can find on the internet refers to wireless and mine is wired. P/N is WDBY8L00BBK-01 if that’s any help. Thanks.

Hi mzsfjv,

WD My Passport is a direct attached storage drive and does not have a dashboard. You may take a look on the articles below for your issue:

WD Smartware:

WD Backup:

I misnamed it. Guess it’s called “interface”.