My passport cinema usage

two questions actually.
Can I download movies away from home where internet access is much better, then take it home like a thumbdrive?
Can I offload used movies to a standard PC hard drive to free up space then reload the movie later?

Hi there,

You will be able to copy the files to a computer if you want and later re load them, also you can download the files away from home, however you have to download the files from the tv , meaning that the tv has to be one of the supported models.

I have a 55" Samsung SUHD so I’m sure it’s Vidity compatible. Do I need the TV to initiate the download? It’s not very portable. I’m assuming I can download offsite to the Passport then need the TV to verify the Vidity part.
Is there any chance of using my PC as the data storage, with appropriate software, since the Passport is essentially a huge thumbdrive and software? I can get larger drives for the PC without the need to offload.