My Passport causes computer to freeze

My computer froze on bootup at the push delete to enter uefi bios prompt. I checked all the hardware then searched on the Internet. One suggestion I saw was unplug all USB devices. The only USB device attached to the computer is the My Passport Ultra. Sure enough, the computer started normally.
I have had the Ultra running for about six months and this has never happened. I have a 650 Watt Corsair psu, so power is not an issue.
The Ultra is plugged into a USB hub.
Does the Ultra need to run of a standard USB port? Does running it off a hub cause problems? I can’t see this latter question as the drive has its own power supply.

Is it a Powered Hub ?

Thanks for the reply.
Yes it is. An insignia USB 3.0 hub with a 5v 3.6A output.
One thing I wondered about: I once accidently knocked the power line out
of the hub and I noticed the Ultra and My Yubikey still had the LED’s
lit. I know there is a power line in a standard USB cable, but in this
case, I thought the power came from the hub, not from the data cable
into the hub and then the attached devices.