My Passport cant Set Security Lock (saying this application does not support 128-bit Encryption


I recently received new (My passport 1 TB HDD), under my old HDD warranty,


I try to set lock from (WD security application), in windows 7 and mac as wee,

After enter all my credentials and try to save security settings–It saying in a popup window :


The attached drive use 128-bit encryption,

Your data is safe, but this application does not support storage devices utilizing 128-bitencryption.

I tried on mac and even win32-bit OS, and also I updated new WD security, and Firmware, no luck

Please help me!!!

Are you using the latest version of the software? Try downloading the one on the website.

 @  Awopero 

Yes I tried from WD provided latest s/w, still its saying same message may be I received a new production version !! Don’t know …