My passport cant recognize by my pc

about 2 days ago my passport suddenly cant recognize anymore at both my home & office pc after i unplug it in hurry. the light at my passport is still on & it seen it working properly. only it cant detected anymore at my pc. can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? thx:  smileysad:

Maybe this will help  post 5 has some software links for data recovery and repair. It sounds like you corrupted the partition data by unplugging unsafely.


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well, there a lot of link file & i dont know which 1 of it tht i need to download. can u help me with it?

Try the one called Recuva. I used it once and I don’t think it was to complicated. See if that works


the link tht u suggest to me is only a software to recover the deleted file. but my problem here is that my wd external hard disc cant deacted by my pc anymore after i unplag it in hurry?..

please someone out there help me with this. there a lot of important thing inside my hard disc & i realy need to open it. pleaseeeee…:cry: