My Passport can't be read on an HP Envy desktop

I have an HP Envy Desktop, which has decided to crash. I bought the My Passport, and it says it is supposed to be able to work right out of the box. I hooked it up to the HP, and clicked on the Files Backup (the only other option is a total wipe - totally unacceptable). It says the MyPassport isn’t there. The HP cannot be booted to a workable state. How can I get My Passport recognized? Thanks. This is crucial to me.

What do you mean it can’t be booted to a workable state. Are you in safe mode? Cause if it’s not workable that means to me that it isn’t reading much of anything. I doubt the issue is with the passport.

So, to start, how is the pc workable? And, can you pull the system drive from the HP and copy the data off that way?

Don’t I wish. The Envy is an all-in-one, with the hard drive in the base of the system. I couldn’t even get to a safe mode boot. Every time it would come up, it was giving an error “Crucial process died”. I guess that’s the new way of giving the blue screen of death. After multiple attempts, I finally got to the System Recovery option. That only goes two ways: One - full recovery. total wipe and reboot from the beginning of time. Two - File Recovery. It located the files, wants somewhere to transfer it. I connected my brand-new out of the box My Passport and plugged it it to the Envy. File Recovery isn’t seeing My Passport. So I’m not sure how to make the HP ‘see’ My Passport. Thanks so much!

Do you by chance have a usb thumb drive? If so, try it to see if the laptop sees it. If it does then it might be because of the passport encryption capability. If it doesn’t then you may need to got to HP and see how you can get your data recovered. Also, if it does see the thumb drive and there enough space, you might just use to get your files.

You may just be a blessing from Heaven. Although the USB thumb drive I have isn’t that large, I might be able to save the crucial, non-replaceable stuff, and reload the rest. Thanks for paying attention to the board!

You’re welcome. Thanks for overlooking all my typos.