My Passport / Can't access drive


I currently have a my passport 2TB drive.  It’s physically connected directly to my laptop in a USB 3 port.  I installed the WD SES driver, firmware updater ( ), and WD utilities (1_0_6_3) on my Window 7 x64

I have updated the firmware, which indicated it has installed properly. I followed the directions and removed the drive, restarted, and re plugged in.

When running the WD utilities i cannot run SMART test (it indicates "Smart status failed in red), nor can I run the Quick Test.

When I go the disk manager in Windows it shows the disk, however I cannot access it nor format it.

What could be the problem here?



Hi jcpose, have you tried connecting the Passport to another PC or using another USB cable? Also check if you have the latest USB 3.0 drivers for your laptop.