My Passport backed up once only

My 1TB My Passport supposedly backed up the first time, although I cannot find any files to convince me so.  The next time I tried the backup, it did nothing but say Backup Accomplished Successfully, but only took 3 seconds for that to happen.  I have everything current.  Any ideas?

To see if the files were backed up you can go on the backup tab and check the data for backup and data backed up and compare

you can also go on the smartware_stor folder on the drive and see the files

if it only took 3 minutes on the last backup it means there was not much data to backup

Hello, I have the same problem , however with some differences : The first back up was done sucessfully and confirmed that all the files were backed up correctly . In the other hand my second attempt to back up data using the File Backup feature in the WD Smartware by selecting only certain files from another volume message appeared that “Back up was accomplished successfully” within 5 seconds after pressing “Start Backup” button . I tried to find those files in the filesystem in vain since they do not exist in the External Drive …

Here’s a recreation of what I did :

1  :  11/11/2012 around 15:15 I connected my External Hard Drive “My Passport 500GB” to the computer;

2  :  Set up the WD Smartware and updated the Software since it prompted me do so.

3  :  Started WD Smartware and started Selecting Files to back up into the EHD through the File Backup feature (only files I want to save)

4  :  After finished selecting files and folders pressed “Start Backup” button and it began loading and backing up my files. - Finished after around 30 mins for 57 GB of data.

5  : Today I tried to save additional data to the hard drive through WD Smartware File Backup feature.

6  :  Noticed that a message Back up accomplished is still on the top left corner of the window.

7  :  Upon finishing selection of files pressed “Apply Settings” button BUT the Start Back up button did not appear - Instead I Saw a “Stop back up” button in that particular place.

8  :  Since no loadin and copying was done after 10 minutes Pressed " Stop back up" and then a Message appeared
stating that the Back up was accomplised successfully although happened immediately after clicking on the button.

9  :  Wend to the destination drive using windows explorer to verify if any data was saved - saw the old files only.

P.S. The first time I backed up files was from the Internal HDD called D:// and did it perfectly.
Now I want to make a copy of certain data from the Windows Partition C:// like Program Files Desctop items Libraries ect.

what version of smartware?

AFAIK it does not support backing up program files