My passport asking for password


   i have usb harddisk “mypassport”  320 gb

i was working with it

accidently my pc rebooted

after reboot my passport  asking for password

i have never used password system for it

how can i remove it?

plz help me

there is so much data in my hard disk

plz give me solution


my email id is [deleted]

m waiting ofr solution badly

Hi there… If the drive is asking for a password after a system error… As far as I know, the drive can’t be unlocked without formatting…

Try to contact WD, they may be able to provide more options.

Best of luck!

A couple of people had dumb luck by logging from a different account like Guest account. If that doesn’t work you’re out of luck. Never trust important data yo one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.


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