My Passport, and two computers

I just purchased a My Passport 1TB, came with software to encrypt and protect the drive.  Has anyone used this drive with two different computers?  For example, one at work and one at home.  Can I protect the drive and still access it from both computers?  Do I need to install software on both computers?

Thanks for any information.


Yep looking for the same answer too. Plugged in at home did my thing brought it to work and it wants to install something or gain acces to work computer but being a work computer only administrator can do that. just want to plug it in and look at files is that so hard to ask. I did put a password on something when setting it up.


You may have answered my question at least :)  So it does need some software installed on both computers to access the drive?  I was rather hoping that if I plugged the drive into some guest computer it would merely prompt for a password.

My experience is yes and no.

The hard disk works on more than one computer.

But the backup software (SmartWare) does not distinguish between my computers.

The default Windows Backup Software also does not distinguish between my computers.