My Passport and Smart tv


I just received My Passport Ultra in the mail today. I promptly hooked it up to my laptop and put files on it. The files I put on it were AVI and MP4. Everything was going great until I hooked the Passport up to my Samsung Smart TV. Then I just kept getting a msg telling me that there was an error on the drive and to hook it back up to my computer to be fixed. I tried hooking back up to my computer, everything yet again was fine. I even did some Smart DIagnostics. 

Has anyone else had this issue? I would really appreciate some advice on how to fix this.



Try posting in the TV section. I think the drive may need to be reformatted to FAT32.


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This could happen if the drive is not getting enough power from the TV’s USB port.

This could cause corruption issues on the drive’s partition table.

You can check on the TV Manufacturer website to see if any other users are experiencing similar issues.

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Try a thumdrive with same video file. If it works and Pasport doesnt, your USB TV post doesn;t have enough power to run the Passport. It take more than a thumbdribe. Reformatting has nothing to do with it since most USB TV’s only accept fat32 files.