My Passport always goes to sleep


I have a big problem. I bought my second “My Passport 1TB” and I have big problems with this one. It goes to sleep after 2-5 seconds when you don’t do something on the hdd. So when you view a picture, it starts … loads … shows the picture, and then goes to sleep again … when you click to the next picture, it starts … loads … and so on. Thats really frustraiting and I can’t really use it at all.

In didn’t have such problems with my other passport.

Power management “… put hdd to sleep” is OFF. Smart Ware is set to never put the hdd to sleep.

What can I do ? PLEASE help me.

It’s probably the wonderful totally brainless green technology that permeate many industries today. Who cares if it works it’s green!  The global warming bunch and their Emperor Al Gore like it.


So that’s it ? WD Come ON !!!

Have you tried it on other pc’s?  If so, does it do the same thing?

yep, tested it on different macs