My passport 750gb

hi, hope you will be able to assist me

in June 2011 i bought an external wd my passport hard drive (750gb) while on holiday and it seems to be giving me problems now, it doesn’t show up in my computer, but shows up in safely remove and device manager, also if it shows up in my computer it just switches off and on constantly, i have tested it on many computers and its the same on all, im not sure if its the usb that’s damaged or if its the the actual drive. i have checked and the drive letter is not conflicting, if no solution can be found, should i make it into an internal drive

your technical expertise and advise will be highly appreciated

thanking you

You can try using another USB cable, also run a test with DLG. Check the link below for the steps.

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thank you will try the link no and let you know if it works

thank you for your reply

I have tried the software you suggested and at first it did not find the drive, so I decided to run the tests on one of my internal drives and while doing so, I kept getting a msg stating that my hdd had to be formatted(referring to my external) I kept closing the notices and once the check of my internal drive was complete my external also appeared and looked as though it was working fine, when I ran the quick test it failed,the smart status was failed and when I ran the extended test a msg came up stating to many bad sectors, after which I assumed formatting will solve the problem but that also failed and now it says my drive is unallocated and not initialized, any suggestions on steps i can take now