MY passport 750GB prompts me to format it

when i inserted my HDD in my friend laptop, it stop detecting my HD.

I removedit  and inserted into my laptop then prompts me to format the HD.

now i am at my wits end as i have exhausted exploring different ways to recover my data.

i tried cleaning my HDD with different antivirus softwares but had no luck.

so could anyone suggest me how to recover the data from my HD and i dont want to format my HD.

You can try some software like Recuva or PhotoRec. If it’s a partition data corruption problem TestDisk might fix it.


it sounds like you may have corrupted the partition.  when you connect it to your pc, can you see the drive in disk management?  if so, then you may want to get a hold of a partition recovery software.  if you have corrupted files, you won’t be able to recover those, though.