My Passport 750GB in Device Management but not in My Computer

Have a WD hard Drive ( 750GB). It is not showing up in list of drives in My Computer, but shows up in ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ list. Moreover in the Computer Management --> Disk Management it shows up as Disk 1 shown in attachment(Not sure why it shows over 2 TB memory).

When I try to initialize disk, it says it drive is write protected.

Next I tried regedit to change the permissions. Regedit --> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -->SYSTEM–>ControlSet001, ControlSet002,CurrentControlSet -->Control–>Storage and changed permissions to full access to all users of my computer, Admin, Creator Owner, System. I do not see any StorageDevicePolicies here(I am on Win 7). And then restarted the computer. Upon retstart the hard drive still didnt show up in My Computer. I tried diskpart in command prompt
It does not show up here  frown.gif

I am not sure where to go or what do to next. Any help is appreciated!


Hello manikmonday,

Did you set any password protection on the unit?

Try testing the drive with the WD DLG tool from the link below.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Hi I used the diagnostic tool. Below are the results. Not sure how to proceed from here ?

Diagnostic 1.JPG Diagnostic 2.JPG Diagnostic 3.JPG

Hi manikmonday!

I have an external USB HD 1TB (WD Essential) with the same problem exactly:

  • Is not showing up in list of drives in My Computer, but shows up in ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ list
  • Is identified as 2TB HD
  • Some repair applications can not do anything because they say that the hard drive is read-only
  • In the regedit doesn’t appears the StorageDevicePolicies
  • Diagnostic Tools from WD shows the same results. Fail and 08-Too many bad sector detected

I’ve tested it on different operating systems without success. If you have any news please share, thanks.

I have some questions:

  • The hard drive makes you some kind of noise since you have this situation?
  • Remember if you suffered a blow hard disk prior to this situation?
  • Remember if conectatse some other hard drive prior to this situation?

Let’s see if the two can find a solution!

This error means the drive needs to be replaced.

For more information check the following link:

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Error Codes