My passport 750g no longer apears on my computer

Since yesturday my hard drive doesnt appear on my computer. I’ve tried changing where i connect it, unpluging and pluging back, restarting the computer, etc, etc and nothing happens. I dont know what to do any more. Can someone help me with this issue??

Read the previous posts… they might prove useful.

where are the “previous posts”?

i have the exact same problem, no solution so far with other usb cable and other pcs, turned off firewall, … - always the same: connect device, idle status (blinking led light), no assignment of drive letters.

the documentation suggests, that the drive is damaged, but i do not believe that, damaged drives make stranger sounds. i think, that the startup of wddsmartdrive was somehow deactivated on startup … HELP!!!

Look in here…

I am sure you’ll find a solution there.

Thx for the quick answer, but I think I have no problems with power supply or dirty cables … I have already tested the drive on three different computers, I have used a different gold covered cable - no solution whatsoever … and the drive is 3 months old and lies at home on my desk, I am not travelling with the hard drive. I need to know, whether something is broke …, but the LED indicates idle status (blinks 2-3 times per second). Any other clues?