My Passport 500gb USB external Drive Boot issue

Having issues with this Drive trying to boot up from Bios

Using HP 6510b Laptop.

the USB drive will not propegate in the bios boot list.

The drive DOES show up and works impecably in the OS

The drive DOES boot up on other devices, desktop / other laptops

Updated to latest Firmware on the Drive

Updated to latest Firmware on the Notebook.

Legacy mode is enabled

Added boot device seek delays - no luck

very strange. - Please help - just bought 10 of these drives to use on these notebooks… I hope Im not up sh1ts Creek…!!!

thanks in advance

Those drives are known not to be bootable, they won’t work dude.

see i no that these drives are not recommended to be used as a boot drive, but personally i use them just fine.

most of the time it is the firmware which causes the problem, if you are sure that the drive is working on other laptop and computers then i woud suggest you to try a power booster cable, i got one from WDC.

Incase of any help call 1900ASK4WDC :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for your reply.  You mentioned that they are "known: not to be bootable, is this from WD themselves or just field knowledge.  I cant find this via WDC so I will be pretty pisssed and be expecting resolution from them if this is the case.  HEY WDC… please Chime in here or you will be getting a pretty nasty phone call soon.

Thanks for your reply.  It boots fine in a number of other devices no problem.  This is rather frustrating… Im not sure its a power issue though…  perhaps I will be calling WDC to have them send me one “gratis” to try and figure this thing out.

Well dude, active WD staff members don’t post here often since the boards are for user support, my own Passports are not bootable and the time I checked with WD just to check they didn’t support the configuration either.

Symantecs… they dont support meaning support a user to call in and help them make a bootable drive.

However the drives are USB and subsequently support use as a boot drive with units that support USB boot.  If they do not - the drives are not being designed to operate with USB spec.