My Passport 500GB - Ticking but not working

My 500GB external has just stopped working out the blue. When i plug it in to a computer you see the light flash and hear it start spinning and then it sounds like the arm inside is just flicking backwards and forwards while the light flashes and nothing registers on the computer.

The drive may not work properly again but i would like to atleast be able to get my stuff off it if its possible.

I’ve tried another cable so its not the cable and it’s out of warranty.

Any ideas?

Hi WD Community,

I am also facing the same issue since yesterday on my WD Elements 500 External HDD… On my Laptop which is runing on windows 8.1, it is giving the same problem, but on the other laptop which is running on windows 8, it is working fine… Also on my LED Tv when i connect it, it is working fine… But on my Windows 8.1 laptop it was working till day before yesterday, but since yesterday it has stopped working on it… The light on the HDD comes up, but it is not showing anything on the screen…

Please help

I’ve since worked out it is the little arms that read the information are damaged inside (i’ve had it open) so mine has had it. My advice to anyone who has the same problem where it wont be recognised on any PC/TV/Laptop is do not keep trying it. The more you try it the more damage you can do if your wanting to send it away to retrieve data off it.

MY WD has a similar problem. It worked till last week. All of a sudden today, it does not show up in My computer. It shows in Device manager, after having uninstalled the driver and reinstalling it. There’s no error sign there. The driver also says that it is working fine.

It shows in Microsoft Management Console. I tried changing the drive letter too, but it just does not work.

What to do? I’ve got a lot of data on it. How do i get to it? 

same problem, when i plug in into my laptop the blue flash appears, making some noise and passport is not visible anywhere in computer…help please