My passport 500gb is not working

i week ago i was working in my computer and my wd my passport external was connected in my lap top and it was working fine but suddenly i woke up to go out of my room at that time mistakenly the external hard drive fall down since then i’m trying to connect that on lap top it can connect i can see the i cone but i can’t open it and it can’t be seen on my computer i don 't know how to solve this problem.please do help me.


Dude, I don’t want to be blunt but passports are very sensitive to harm if they fall… Something inside could be broken.

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Thank you dude for the reply indeed i’m the one who have to find the solution and make my wd passport to re work i will bring this to the export let’s see what he is going to say.i hope atleast i can access some of my documents which are in it…