My passport 500gb after pc crash

i did a backup of my data before my pc crashed (previously XP)
was password protected
now trying to access data to retrieve
already updated firmware and installed SES
backup and retrieve tab greyed out
trying to update from
downloaded the update and installed but it only shows requirements then says exit
still asks to update everytime i plug in
i have restarted numerous times and followed any possible step i could find here
please help

Click on the drive icon on the home tab to activate backup and retrieve

if asking to update, make sure the software was updated as well with the firmware

check if the drive is recognized by the PC

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Thank you for the heads up on how to activate the greyed out Backup and Restore options.

I hadn’t been able to figure this option out and it kept me from utilizying those features of the WD program

Arthurmb  (new poster)