"My Passport" 500 is not doing continuous back up

My Passport 500 is not doing continuous back up.  When I add or delete pictures on my desk top computer the same changes do not take place on my WD passport.  I have emailed Western Digital on their support page, but did not receive a reply.  I have a desktop computer running windows XP.  Things I have tried.

  • Deleting and reinstalling  WD smartware on my desktop. 
  • Installing updates posted on WD website
  • Switching to daily or hourly updates.  This does not work.
  • Rebooting my computer.

Can somebody help?

Hi chief1, check if you have the latest Smartware version installed (2.2.0). Also see if there are any programs that might be using the files that you want to backup, Smartware will not backup the files is they are in use. 

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