My Passport 500 GB: What happens if I want to retrieve the data from another PC

Dear all,

I would like to know, in the event that my PC crashes, with just the Passport 500GB, can I simply plug it into another computer or notebook and retrieve my documents? I believe I have to reinstall the 3 programs namely the WD Smartware, WD Utilities and WD Security? Thanks in advance!



If you used the smartware app to create the back up then you need to install smartware and click retieve and choose retrieve to a retrieve content folder.

Thanks for your reply, so essentially to read my encrypted files in the portable HD on another PC, I must reinstall the Smartware in order to read it? Worry that new versions of OS may cause compatibility issues and few years down the road, these files are unreadable…just wondering…

If your drive came with Smartware it is hardware encrypted by a circuit board. If the board goes bad you’re out of luck unless you can find a replacement.