My Passport 3Tb Mojave issue

I own a My Passport 3Tb, formatted in HFS+.
I always used it as an external storage for my Mac Mini (2010); yesterday I disconnected it from my Mini (running OSX High Sierra) and connected to my MacBook (running Mojave)… the drive does not even appear in Disk Utility app!
The light turns on, the drive begins to spin, but the system does not recognise it at all!

I connected it back to the Mini and the drive works flawlessly, all data are there and all tests are passed…

I tested with another Mini (this one running Mojave)… and there is no way the drive works! Since I’m going to replace my old Mini soon and I have over 3Tb data on the drive… I’d like to find a solution to use my drive with Mojave, if any…

Thanks in advance

I solved this by myself.
It turned out the issue was… the cable!
I was using the colored USB cable included with the HDD, but for some strange reason, Mojave does not recognize the HDD through that cable… using another HDD USB cable (the one from an older My Passport essential, standard black USB 3.0 cable) did the trick and the device is fully working with both my MacBook and my Mini, now