My passport 2TB wrong size folders

Hey everyone, I just got the drive My Passport drive replaced after my last one was found foulty during the warranty. I think this may be a refurnished version. However the problem is that once I did the backup, when I check the size of the folder it get completely wrong giving me much more bigger dimension of what they actually are.

Is this something due to the fact it is a refurbished drive? May be this a sign of something wrong with the drive? perhaps I need to get it replaced again?

Anyone can help me to undesteand this problem?
How can I get support from WD otherwise?

That doesn’t seem to me like the drive problem! I don’t know what kind of backup and what files where backed up but have you checked if there are no hidden files in these folders?

I suggest- if you don’t find a solution that works with the WD backup program- to try a really nice commercial backup program called Macrium Reflect. They offer a free version for personal use. If you pay for it, then you can get into their community forum and ask for tech help. I’ve tried many backup programs over the years and in my opinion, it’s the best- go to