My Passport 2TB. Music sometimes skips


I have a 2TB “My passport”, and sometimes while I’m listening to music the song randomly skips, even though It happens maybe once every through 2 or 3 songs, It’s unbearable. And this also happens with videos, but not that often. 

So, what I did is to perform some HDTune pro tests and what showed up is that sometimes It gets high random access times, here is the screenshot,

Every other test appears to be normal, sectors are OK, SMART also is fine.

I have already tried switching the cable, and using it in other computers, but it’s the same.

Since I bought this HD in the US and I’m from Argentina I would to know if there’s any kind of solution that I can manage to do,

I’m having this issue with my external drive since day 1.


if you put say 100 music files on your internal drive do they still skip?

No, they play just fine in any of my other drives,

Any Ideas ?

Please help, anyonee…

Post the health tab, black out the serial number of the drive.

With that we can tell you if there are errors on the drive.

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Okay, so that test is spotless, there isn’t a problem with the drive itself.

I’m thinking that it might be a problem with other devides on the USB hub. You could try downloading USB view from or the official microsoft page. Basically there are USB hubs and you have multiple devices connected, there is a pool of bandwidth and power and each devices take a share of that. Extremely high performance USB devices (like the turtle beach gaming headsets) strongly suggest not to have these devices sharing a hub with anything else.

Basically if you run that it will show you all of your USB controllers, try moving things around physically until the passport is the only device on the controller if you can manage it, but at least the only device on the hub.

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This is the hub where the hdd is connected. Nothing else in there,

Besides that I have already tested it on other computers and it’s exactly the same, the skipping problem over and over again,

Thanks for the help anyway, but where is the WD staff when you need it ?


Check your sleep timer in WD Smartware.

Songs are tiny in size, but long to play - so lets say you have a 1 minute sleep timer, and when your player goes to retrieve the song, it reyrieves about a minute and a half of data -

by the time your software goes to get the next chunk of data, the drive is sleeping, and needs to spin up.

During this time, your player cannot get the new data, and therefore “skips” (repeats the last chunk of data it has) until the drive is ready.

Trey setting the sleep timer to “never” and see if that cures it.

As you can see in WD Smartware I don’t have access to any timer options, but I do have in WD Drive Utilities, which is the one shown down here, even though I have set It to “Never” (It was set to 30 min before so I guess It shouldn’t change anything) the problem remains the same. This is getting really annoying, trusted WD for what, this poor support, nobody from the staff, but they answer newer threads, that’s great support.

Thanks SuperTech IT for the idea, do you have any other clue on what might be causing this ?

Please remember that this forum is for users helping other users.

If you need direct support from WD you can contact the support staff on the link bellow:

I’m still waiting for a tech support guy to contact me. 3 Months and counting. Do I deserve this kind of treat ?