My passport 2TB - damaged disk ? It loads - then shuts down


I have owned My Passport 2TB for two years now (sadly, warranty expired 2 days ago!) I use it mainly as a second big storage (I own smaller 500GB My Passport for more frequent use), so I have used it only few times during those two years. I keep it on the shelf or in original box during transport. So it has never been physically damaged.

Few months ago I noticed problem with it. During copying files disk got stuck and known sound (clinking/creaking) occured as disk was trying to write/read. I didn´t use diagnostic tools to check what is wrong and decided to check it later. it happened few more times, actually every use after it.

Today I was copying files and it got stuck again. After reconnecting to PC it won´t load. I connect it, nothing shows in PC but disk is running. Then after like minute one creak sound occures, after next minute another one. And then disk shuts down like it has been disconnected. I tried all USB connectors but nothing works. I am using cable from that 500GB passport but both are USB 3.0. Can it be that the cable has lower power output than is needed for this big disk ? I will try it tomorrow at work and hopefully with other cable but what could be the issue ? Any help is welcome.

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Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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