My Passport 2 TB intermittent connection on Windows 8

I have a 2 TB My Passport drive that was working great on Windows 7.  I just got a new computer with windows 8 and the drive is intermittently recognized.  It will be recognized for 3 seconds, and then not recognized.  I tried reinstalling the driver, reinstalling windows, shutting down the USB power save mode.  Nothing has worked.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  

Make sure you are not using a cable longer than the one provided or through a hub. Both can cause problems. If this is a desktop try a port on the back. Far to many new computers use barely adequet power supplies before you start adding extra USB powered items.


Thanks for the response, Joe.

The USB cable is the one provided from WD.  It is 18 inches long, I believe.  This is a laptop (Dell Inspiron 15z).  All of the USB ports are USB 3, and I’ve tried the drive in every one.

The drive actually worked for about 4 hours yesterday, uninterrupted.  However, it doesn’t work again today.  I’m thinking that it is not getting enough power to the drive.  I have the power cord to the computer plugged in.  The drive itself doesn’t have a separate power connector so I don’t know what else to check.