My Passport 1TB... sometimes will disconnect automatically, why?

My Passport external drive can be detected by my desktop (window xp) every times, but it will disconnect automatically after using for a while. Do anyone reach the same problem like me? I am wondering if it is due to the unstablization of eletricity or not, since it is using one USB port cable to connect only.


Try using another USB port on the computer to see if the same problem keeps happening, you can also run a test with DLG.

If is a desktop try using a USB port from the back panel, also in another computer to compare results.  If issue persists you can try requesting WD a Power Booster cable.  If this does not fix it the drive needs to be replaced.

Look at the power settings for USB and make sure sleep is disabled. If the drive is idle the PC may be putting the USB port to sleep.