My Passport 1TB slow,stuck,unreadable


yesterday i try to access my portable my passport 1TB, but i don’t find it on MY COMPUTER, i try to unplug and plug it again on USB, but not workings, so i try to restart pc, nothing happens, so i see when i plug my passport on usb, he slow my pc and he never stop to flashing his light.

I try to:

Format via WD_Quick_Formatter_Win_1_2_0_10 don’t work

Install all drivers find for MyPassport don’t work

Format via md-dos don’t work

Format via windows format (in this step, i see HD are 976GB/976GB) don’t work

I try to change driver letter, in this step simply stay in connecting to virtual disk service…

I saw some answers saying to put more “energy in it” might work, i have a ipod touch adapter for recharge, can i try this?

I have this HD 6~7months.

Sorry for english, i’m from brazil.

i solve 5min ago with this tutorial:

After clean Light on my portable fix, then i go on COMPUTER > RIGHT CLICK > MANAGER > DISK MANAGER AND FORMAT AND PUT ANOTHER LETTER.

Now i need help for rescue files D: