My Passport 1TB Serious Problem

My 1TB passport can be detected by my laptop as a drive in my computer and I can see my folders & all the data inside it as well, but All the folders are now empty and I can’t even write a 100 kb file one it while my pc says my passport has 56GB free space from 1TB total capacity. 

My passport unfortunately falled by mistake from a 50 cm height but after i checked it, I found it works fine. but after 2 weeks it has the problem which I mentioned :frowning:

I can see my passport in disc defragment page but when I click on analyse, it rapidly stopped.

I have very vital and serious data on it and can not formatt it at all. I really need them . please kindely help me


I am having the same problem as Reza described. I too had my passport drive take an unplanned fall and then it worked for a while and after trying to add some files last night. It has stopped working all together, i have reinstalled drivers and the automatic universal updater does not recognise my device.

Is there anything that can be done? I have a lot of important data on it.

Since the drive fell it’s probably physically damaged and beyond do it yourself recovery. If you intend to try professional recovery don’t do any more with the drive. You can try Recuva or TestDisk and see if they find anything.